How Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

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Dental Bridges in Jenkintown

Missing teeth can be very problematic. They cause problems with chewing, speaking, and overall appearance. To fix this, dentists often recommend dental bridges, a cosmetic dental procedure in which crowns are anchored to two healthy teeth on the neighboring sides of the gap. Jenkintown Dental Medicine provides professional dental bridges in Jenkintown to restore your smile. 

What considerations should you take before choosing a dental bridge?

  • The first consideration is the material that makes the bridge. Three materials are most often used. The first is gold which is the most expensive but has the best aesthetic value. The other two materials are metal and all-ceramic.
  • The second consideration is fit. It is essential that the bridge fits properly and supports the teeth on either side of the missing tooth.
  • A third consideration is longevity. Metal bridges are generally the best in this aspect. On the other hand, Gold bridges are more durable than ceramic ones. It’s important to note that all bridges can still wear out after several years, however strong they may be. For this reason, it is recommended that patients have their bridges checked regularly by specialists.
  • The design of a bridge will also determine how strong it is. It is usually recommended that patients use as simple a design as possible. The simpler the design, the more durable it will be. It would be best if you avoided ornate bridges.
  • A final consideration is the color of the crowns. It is essential that they match the color of your other teeth as much as possible. The flaws will stand out more if they don’t.

How are dental bridges installed?

Once the patients have decided on which bridge to use, they should schedule an appointment with their dentist.

During this appointment, the dentist will generally be able to tell the patient if they are a good candidate for a dental bridge. If they are, the dentist will begin the installation process. For all dental bridges in Jenkintown, we do our best to ensure that the entire process is as easy as possible.

What can I expect from my treatment process?

Dental bridges require a detailed procedure that involves the following steps.

1. Recontouring the Adjacent Teeth

A dentist must first carefully reshape the adjacent teeth to make room for the dental bridge. This will ensure that the crowns will fit properly.

2. Preparing the Bridge

Once the adjacent teeth are prepared, a dental laboratory creates the bridge. A model of the patient’s teeth is used to create a replica of the missing tooth and gum tissue, and crowns are designed to fit over that model.

3. Installing a Temporary Bridge

Before the bridge is ready, a temporary bridge needs to be created to protect the recontoured teeth and any exposed gums.

4. Installing a Permanent Bridge

Finally, the patient will have a permanent dental bridge that looks similar to their previous teeth. For the crowns to fit perfectly over all of the surrounding teeth and gums, you will need an experienced dentist.

As you can see, dental bridges can be a very effective and long-lasting replacement for missing teeth. They should only be installed by an experienced dentist at Jenkintown Dental Medicine. 

Dental Bridge Specialists

At Jenkintown Dental Medicine, we believe in the power of smiles. We also understand the negative impacts of missing teeth on your smile, overall appearance, and confidence. This is why we have invested in our team of specialists.

All our specialists are highly trained, undergo rigorous continuing education, and are certified. We also believe that dentistry is an art. For that reason, we work with artists who create custom designs for each client.

For dental bridges in Jenkintown, be sure to contact us. You can also book an appointment with our friendly and experienced staff to verify if you are a good candidate for dental bridges.

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